When you think about Transportation and Logistics, Goliath come with commitments.

Driven by the passion of our drivers.

Goliath drivers are the front line employees promoting professionalism to our valued customers. The success of a trucking company depends on the abilities, the dedication and the professionalism of the work performed by each driver. Our driver commitment is to promote "Customer Satisfaction"

Goliath have their rewards for driving jobs.

In recognition of the vital role each driver plays, Goliath provides a very competitive pay and benefits package to their drivers, compared to the trucking industry standards. Goliath also works to ensure that each driver has the best equipment possible. Goliath also provides the opportunities for professional drivers to increase their skills provided by in-house training. The added skills will also have the opportunity to increase the already completive pay package. Goliath truck drivers enjoy an exciting and dynamic work environment – one where professional drivers are respected and part of a team working towards the growth of our business. Moreover, our drivers have the flexibility to choose the type of truck driving work they want, and where they want to run – a tremendous benefit considering the number of options available through the entire Goliath group of companies.

These include:

  • Long haul
  • Short haul
  • City/Local
  • Owner Operator
  • Company Driver
  • Single/Team Driving